Attempts of self-determination by the Carpathian Rusyns in the 1860s

Fedinec Csilla Attempts of self-determination by the Carpathian Rusyns in the 1860s című tanulmánya a Fórum Társadalomtudományi Szemle 2023. évi angol számában jelent meg.

In the 1860s, the Ruthenians also formulated their basic political demands, similar to the other nationalities in Hungary, although in a less visible way as far as “big politics” on international level is concerned. These political demands were much broader than the right to use the language granted in the Act XLIV of 1868 on National Equality. As such, they can be understood as characteristic manifestations of national self-determination. It is useful to organize these elements into a kind of catalog of problems, with the aim of assessing the legal norms that have been implemented on this basis, as opposed to earlier approaches that did not rely on such a comparison.