Research on international migration

Project name Principal investigator Period Funding agency Participants
Integration of the Hungarian refugees arriving from the neighbouring countries in Hungary (1938-1948) Ágnes Tóth 2024-2027 NRDIO 146698 Kristóf Ákos Erdős, Dóra Frey, Tamás Hoffmann, Beáta Márkus, László Orosz
Migration research projects within the framework of the HAS Excellence Cooperation Programme Mobility Research Centre Attila Papp Z.     Margit Feischmidt, György Horváth, Eszter Kovács, András Kováts, Eszter Neumann, Ildikó Zakariás
Helping Displaced People from Ukraine: Collective Forms and Social Contexts of solidarity Margit Feischmidt 2022-   Ildikó Zakariás, Eszter NeumannCsilla Zsigmond, Zsuzsanna Sütő, András Morauszki, Nóra Kovács, András Kováts, Attila Papp Z.Zsanna Nyírő, Márton Gerő (CSS Institute from Sociology), Violetta Zentai (CEU)
Mobility, competition and solidarity in a transnational environment. Hungarians in Germany Margit Feischmidt 2017-2021 Humboldt Alumni Award, CSS Mobility Research Centre Márton Hunyadi, Ildikó Zakariás 
Diasporic return to Hungary from Latin America Nóra Kovács 2018-    
Children in situations of transnational mobility Nóra Kovács 2018-    
Solidarities Reconfigured: Central-Eastern European Migrants Working in Refugee Services in Austria Ildikó Zakariás 2020-2022 CEU Institute for Advanced Study, Botstiber Fellowship  
Completed research projects
Research Social Platform on Migration and Asylum (RESOMA) András Kováts (team leader) 2018    
Hungarian diaspora policy after 1990 from the perspective of the state and the diaspora Eszter Kovács -2018    
Social integration of refugees, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and stateless persons in Hungary András Kováts 2016-2017 UNHCR  
Humanitarian assistance to refugees in Hungary Margit Feischmidt 2015-2016 HAS CSS Incubator Programme Márton HunyadiIldikó Zakariás
Post-colonial and post-socialist perceptions of global hierarchies. The case of Indonesians and Hungarians living in the Netherlands Márton Hunyadi 2017-2021    
The factors, directions and perspectives for the rapid increase in migration to Europe in 2015 András Kováts 2015   Attila Papp Z., András Morauszki
“Chinese person in the family” Chinese-Hungarian relations in Hungary in the light of interethnic couple relations and Hungarian child care providers' experiences with Chinese families Nóra Kovács 2014-2017 OTKA K112282  
The situation in Hungary based on indicators of integration András Kováts 2012-2013 European Integration Fund  
Migrant organisations in Hungary András Kováts 2011-2012 European Integration Fund, Ministry of Interior  
Immigrant Citizens Survey: Assessing needs, evaluating policies, improving capacities András Kováts 2011-2012 European Commission, King Baudouin Foundation, Fundaçao Calouste Gulbenkian, Oak Foundation Zoltán Várhalmi
The naturalisation and integration strategies of immigrants András Kováts 2010-2011 European Integration Fund, Ministry of Justice Antal Örkény, Judit Tóth, Annamária Sárosi, György Péteri, Attila Melegh