Research on minorities living in Hungary

Project name Principal investigator Period Funding agency Participants
Germans in Hungary, 1950-1990 Ágnes Tóth 2015-2022 NRDIO 116209  
"die helfte hier und die helfte zu hause" The history of the Germans in Hungary from 1944 to 1953 Ágnes Tóth 2015-2020 Bundesministerium für Kultur und Medien  
Yugoslav Swabians in Hungary, 1944–1950 Ágnes Tóth 2015-2022    
Local and Regional Activity of German Organizations in Hungary between 1924 and 1945 Ferenc Eiler 2015-2021 NRDIO 112448  
The place of immigration in the memory politics related aspirations of German organizations in Hungary (1920–1945) Ferenc Eiler 2019-2023    
Identity-migration-modernisation. The economic and social situation of Hungary’s minorities Ágnes Tóth 2012-    
Operational characteristics of minority nonprofit organizations in Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania András Morauszki 2013-2020    
Completed research projects
Ethnicity, local society and power in Harta, an ethnic German community in Hungary, 1920-1989 Ferenc Eiler 2006-2010    
Source research on the 20th-century history of the national minorities in Hungary Ágnes Tóth, Ferenc Eiler 2011-2013   Balázs Dobos, Réka Marchut
The policy analysis of the minority policy in Hungary. The example of the minority act Balázs Dobos 2004-2010    
The comparative analysis of the legal status of minorities in Central Europe Balázs Dobos     Ágnes Vass