Research on minority rights and politics

Project name Principal investigator Period Funding agency Participants
ENTAN – European Non-Territorial Autonomy Network Balázs Vizi 2019-2023 COST Action Program CA18114 Balázs Dobos
Bilateral Treaties and Minority Protection in Central and South-Eastern Europe Balázs Vizi 2016-2020 NRDIO 120469 Edgár Dobos, Zoltán Kántor, Tamás Korhecz, Noémi Nagy, Norbert Tóth
The effectiveness of minority self-governance in Central and South Eastern Europe Balázs Dobos 2019-2022 Bolyai Research Fellowship  
Completed research projects
Hungarian diaspora policy after 1990 from the perspective of the state and the diaspora Eszter Kovács -2018    
The internal dynamics of non-territorial autonomy regimes in Central and South-eastern Europe: a five-country comparison Balázs Dobos 2015-2019 NRDIO PD 116168  
MIME - Mobility and Inclusion in a Multilingual Europe Balázs Vizi 2014-2018 EU FP7 Edgár Dobos, György Horváth (2015-2016), Noémi Nagy
Minority Language Rights in the Multilingual European Integration Balázs Vizi 2013-2017 Bolyai Research Fellowship  
Minorities’ rights to participation in public affairs in Europe Balázs Vizi 2012-2016 OTKA K105432 Edgár Dobos, Zoltán Kántor, Norbert Tóth
Ethnopolitical mobilization and Roma parties in Hungary and East-Central Europe Balázs Dobos 2012-2015 Bolyai Research Fellowship  
Government and minority party representation in Central and Eastern Europe László Szarka 2010-2012 OTKA K82051 Zoltán Kántor, Levente Salat, Norbert Tóth, Balázs Vizi
The chances of the integration of minorities in Kosovo. Linguistic rights in practice Balázs Vizi 2011-2012    
Constitutional reform in Italy: Regionalism and minority autonomy Balázs Vizi 2011    
The theory of multi-level governance and the practice of minority self-governance in Central and Eastern Europe Balázs Vizi 2009-2012 Bolyai Research Fellowship  
The policy analysis of the minority policy in Hungary. The example of the minority act Balázs Dobos 2004-2010    
The comparative analysis of the legal status of minorities in Central Europe Balázs Dobos     Ágnes Vass