The Institute for Minority Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the European Centre for Minority Issues agree on a Memorandum of Understanding.


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The War and Literature in Ukraine after 2014

The St. Adalbert Foundation for Research of Central and Eastern Europe prganizes a discussion at the Szekfű Gyula Library of the Institute of History, of the ELTE Faculty of Humanities on 11 December 2023 with the participation of Csilla Fedinec, Gábor Körner, Lajos Pálfalvi and Iván Halász.

Finding your way as a minority representative

In the podcast series Határátlépések (Border Crossings) of the Research Institute for Hungarian Communities Abroad, Csongor Molnár talked with our colleague Nándor Bárdi about the book Nemzetiségi parlamenti képviselet. Nemzetiségi képviselet Magyarországon és az utódállamok parlamentjeiben (1869-1918 /1920-1990)  [Minority Representation in the Parliament. Minority Representation in Hungary and the Parliaments of the Successor States (1869-1918 /1920-1990)].

You can listen to the episode here. (In Hungarian)

Cultures in the conflict zone

On 29-30 November 2023, György Szerbhorváth will participate in the international conference Kulture u zoni konflikata / Cultures in the conflict zone in Novi Sad, where he will give a presentation in Serbian entitled Sećanje na stara loša vremena - "zadatak" pisaca pre, za i posle vremena zla (Remembering the bad old days - the "task" of writers before, during and after the time of evil).

The Memory of the Holodomor

On 22 November 2023, a conference was held in the House of Parliament in Budapest on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Great Famine of 1932-33 in Ukraine, and the 20th anniversary of the Hungarian National Assembly's resolution recognizing the Holodomor as a genocide and expressing solidarity with the Ukrainian people. At the conference Csilla Fedinec gave a presentation on the Holodomor in Ukrainian historical politics

Successful research grant applications

The list of supported research proposals (the so called OTKA) has been published on the National Research, Development and Innovation Office's website. 

The winning research proposals included:

Margit Feischmidt: Work, Values, Hope in Solidarity Spaces: the Possibilities and Constraints of Transformative Solidarity in Hungary and

Ágnes Tóth: The Integration of Hungarian Refugees from Neighbouring Countries in Hungary (1938-1948)

Beáta Kulcsár: Personal stories of emigration and integration: Hungarians in Canada (Linda Dégh's collection of interviews) was among the research projects funded under the postdoctoral excellence programme.

Congratulations to our colleagues!