Tamás Turán

Tamás Turán
Download CV Senior Research Fellow (TK KI)
Research Interests
  • Rabbinic literature

  • The history of ideas, religion, and scholarship, of 19th-20th century Hungarian Jewry

  • History of the Hebrew book in Europe

Selected Publications

Ignaz Goldziher as a Jewish Orientalist. Traditional Learning, Critical Scholarship, and Personal Piety, (Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter – Oldenbourg, 2023)

„Patriotism and Religious Law: The Conundrum of Military Service for Hungarian Orthodox Jewry” In: Novák, Attila (ed.) Multiple Binds. Hungarian Jewish Pasts and Landscapes. Budapest: Ludovika Egyetemi Kiadó, pp. 105-135

Turán, Tamás; Carsten, L. Wilke (szerk.) Modern Jewish Scholarship in Hungary: The ‚Science of Judaism‘ between East and West (Berlin: De Gruyter, 2016)

Two Peoples, Seventy Nations. Parallels of National Destiny in Hungarian Intellectual History and Ancient Jewish Thought, In: Hatos Pál, Novák Attila (szerk.), Between Minority and Majority: Hungarian and Jewish / Israeli ethnical and cultural experiences in recent centuries, Budapest: Balassi Intézet, 2013. pp. 44-73.

Wherever the Sages Set Their Eyes, There is Either Death or Poverty - On the History, Terminology and Imagery of the Talmudic Traditions about the Devastating Gaze of the Sages; héber cím: Kol makom se-natnu hakhamim enehem, o mita o oni - le-toldot ha-maszorot al mabbatam ha-harszani veha-kotel sel ha-hakhamim, dimmujehen u-lesonotehen), Sidra 23: pp. 137-205. (2008)

Képfogyatkozás: Vázlat az ikonofóbia történetéről a rabbinikus hagyományban (Waning Images: A Short History of Iconophobia in the Rabbinic Tradition), Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, 2004.

Work in Progress
  • A magyarországi zsidó tudomány története (Academic Jewish Scholarship in Hungary) (konferencia-kötet, bevezetés)
  • Goldziher mint tudós és zsidó (Goldziher as Scholar and Jew)